Sunday, September 06, 2009


What a brilliant gig! It was the crowd, it was the venue, it was the host...
The Shakespeare was absolutely packed, and the audience was one of the best ever- sometimes it's hard to be the support act because people have come to see the headliner and talk all the way though your set. This night was completely different- it was an audience who were interested in giving a chance to someone they hadn't heard before, and they were lovely;They listened all the way through and let me feel that I could build things up song by song. Tristan and Alistair were there, and other people from the guitar and songwriting weekends.
Martin went down an absolute storm, playing for two and a half hours, and had everyone singing along to Sweet Saviour, and I have to say the audience were in fine voice that night too. David Lelievre was a really good host, transporting us around calmly and kindly.
And the accommodation! Hardwick House is a b'n'b on a hill overlooking Sheffield, and it's stuffed with arty finds, comfortable beds with crackling cotton sheets, giant baths with huge gold taps and a fantastic air of hospitality. It's huge and seems to have endless floors above and below ground, and it's almost like being let loose in your favourite quirky museum or a wunderkammer for passing travellers!
The Stockport allotment... that will have to wait till I get home as I have some wonderful pictures: it was a very sweet and magical afternoon...


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