Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandmother Box

It is possible I may never become a Grandmother (I've always wanted to be one as my own Grannies were perfect).
If not, I will become an honorary Grandmother, and therefore I have created a Grandmother Box.
It is big enough for Lego, a big yellow Tonka truck, some teddies and a load of baby clothes that belonged to Offsprogs One and Two, and possibly some books as well. It will go into storage along with all the music and lyrics from all the children's music projects and musicals I've written over the years, plus cassettes of old Chefs tracks and so on, until I get the chance to compile them and release them, hopefully some time early next year.
My friend Carol came to stay last night: she was buzzing because she had been to Downing Street to a reception where she met Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah. She said their little kids were there, heckling Gordon Brown (they are about two and four) and she spent the time introducing people to each other and met people like Cath Kidston.
She says she thinks Facebook is great, so I guess I'll give it another go.
Now I have to go and run through the songs for tomorrow night!


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