Thursday, February 26, 2009

Early Primrose

I was walking up a traffic-clogged hill this morning, feeling thoroughly grim; there seemed to be a black rim around the world and in spite of many happy things in my life, the morning was refusing to be a Good Morning and trying hard to be a Bad Day. I was staring at the pavement and trying to kick-start a bit of positive thinking in my head.
If I had not been staring at the pavement I would not have seen the most perfect little twin-flowered primrose with translucent yellow petals beaming above bright green curled leaves, peeping out from a crack between the concrete paving slabs and a garden wall and defying the morning cold, the dull gloom, the leaden air, the howling traffic, the recession, the long winter, the arid urban soil, the traffic wardens with their spiteful notebooks, just defying everything that was stacked against its existence.
Beautiful, beautiful.


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