Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today... some singing; some cleaning (stairs covered in mud), some mending (emotions), some cooking (mmm roast parsnips! Never had 'em as a child and was scared to eat my first one at the age of 25). Drove back from Mansfield this morning in the rain, dodging HGVs in case they pulled into the middle lane without warning as they are wont to do...

Last night I was in Belper, The Queen's Head, playing a short set at Martin's gig. It was a welcoming audience, and main support was the very funny singer'songwriter Eliza P who sings about charity shops and internet dating. She has recorded an album with the DJay Buddha, which is one to look out for!
Martin was on form and held the audience in the palm of his hand as usual; Mike and June were there too (thank you for the chocs!).

What's in store this week? Some recording on Tuesday I hope, with Jim who mixed Blue's Song that's on Myspace at the moment. The lyrics for that song were written by the animator Joan Ashworth, as the song was originally meant for the film she made, How Mermaids Breed..
Jim's a trip hop sortuva guy, so that might be ver-r-r-y eenteresting!

It would be nice to gallivant around some galleries, goggling at Goya; perhaps, perhaps not.

The Easter Bunny didn't bring me any Easter eggs; instead, my hens laid some rabbit droppings. What a disappointment!

Off back to write songs. Silly ones at the moment. I'll sing them to you if you're very good.

The crows on Salisbury Crags on the edge of Edinburgh have empty foil crisp packets in their nests, which they have collected because they are shiny, and therefore obviously of great value.


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