Thursday, April 09, 2009

Endless Summertime

After The Chefs split up, i didn't really know what to do.
I was sitting on the step of the house painting a violin case I'd bought at Portobello Road (if you're a nerd look back thru previous postings to see what an adventure the violin case provided!) when an Orange Person lady came over.
'Hi', she said, 'Are you a musician?'. She proceeded to chat away and eventually persuaded me to go for a jam with her and a friend the next day.
I had never been for a jam before and was a bit scared. In my bands we had always written songs and played them until they were ready.
However, I knew I must do Different Things now I no longer had the band.
I went along to the Orange Person guy's house with my bass guitar. She came along with her guitar. The Orange Person guy was a trumpet player. After a bit of discussion we discovered that we were all familiar with the song 'Summertime (and the living is easy)'.
So off we set, standing in a circle, bass, trumpet, guitar, bass trumpet guitar, bass trumpet guitar, all louder than each other.
After about an hour I wondered if any of us knew how to stop. Nobody was looking at each other and I didn't want to be a party pooper and make Fun stop happening. I began to get increasingly nervous, wondering if we might end up playing for ever and ever, never stopping.
On and on we played, through the afternoon and into the evening, Summertime, and the living is easy....
On and on.
I can't remember how we stopped, but we did. Dazed, I stumbled into the twilight with my fingers throbbing, vowing never to jam again.

About two weeks later I met her again. She had left the Orange People. Why? Because she had found out that they had been building a massive Orange People nuclear bunker in Germany, just for Orange People when the bomb dropped and nobody else, and she didn't think that was fair.


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