Monday, February 09, 2009

Does anyone know where I can buy Pirelli slippers in Tenerife?

Yesterday's gig, 'Songs in the Room', was a real sweetie- a little room in a pub in the village of Blackboys, with windows on all sides, and a friendly host, Mark , who with his wife and daughter film and record the shows as well as playing themselves. It was well worth the drive through the windey roads of deepest Sussex. We had lunch in the pub first and then went over to sing. Mufti and Sarah came with some friends, Grant and his partner came and Steph and her fantastic son Stanley came too; Stanley had a diabolo that he had just bought but stopped diabbling every so often to chime in a pertinent and witty comment that would put many an adult to shame.
It's a lovely venue and a welcoming gig; Martin took me, as my car isn't roadworthy and we sang some songs together from Hamilton Square at the end; he had Kieron's artwork, which is brill. we have an almost-finished album now.
The title of the posting? well, it was our song writing get together this morning and on the way back from Marylebone I spotted some old fashioned slippers with a pompom on the front in a little old cobblers shop that reminded me of the Pirelli slippers I had years ago. So I decided to do a search to see if they still made them, and discovered that someone in Tenerife was searching too!


Blogger A Woman Of No Importance said...

I like the idea of using Diabbling as a verb - My son juggles!

Thank you for letting me know the breed of your puss-cat - What a beauty! I understand they are endangered as a breed?

Er, I'm not just interested in cats - I am here for your music and the writing, honestly!

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