Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Lots of things come at once and have to be squeeeezed up like bits in a sausageskin....
Tomorrow, Thursday, it's the Ladyfest at Goldsmith's; I'm playing at 10.15 in the New Cross Tavern with lots of other interesting music and it's £5 to get in.
On Friday, I'm off to Sheffield to do a House Concert, and on Sunday I'm in Sussex in the afternoon: 14:00 at Second Sunday
Blackboys Inn, Lewes Road, Blackboys, nr Uckfield, London and South East TN22 5LG Cost: £5.00
There is going to be a Helen and the Horns gig in September if the guys can do it.
I am plundering the wardrobe for clothes to wear: the glamorous for the Ladyfest, the characterful for the House Concert and... what does one wear for a Sunday afternoon gig? Who knows. I'll look at the weather and be woolly if it's snowy and frilly if it's not. How frilling to have these dilemmas!


Blogger ANTHONY said...

Dear Helen, ive been on this comp. Thing all day long yesterday thurs. Checking, re-checking, & re-re-checking time-tables etc. To transport me to Uckfield on sunday. Appparently trains arrive there from London Bridge stn. But after several changes. Platforms etc. And there is a 3 mile walk from stn to pub. Another reason to buy a personal Sat/Nav. I may go, don't know yet?

11:17 AM  

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