Saturday, December 22, 2007


I've just got back from Mike and Em's Christmas Party, where they had made wassail (a mixture of beer, spices and apples which polarised drinkers' opinions) and mulled wine (nice).
They live in the Barrier Block in Brixton, a forbidding place from the outside but it has fantastic views over Sarf London and it's great inside. The party was full of new parents and their anxieties, and also quite a few Actionettes eating gingerbread. Em had a lovely tacky plastic light-up 'Merry Christmas' sign from Brixton Market. I went through it on the way there and saw loads of light-up Jesus-Joseph-Mary pictures too, amongst the piles of dried fish and cool hats. The hats were very tempting, but not today, thank you.
Mike supports Cardiff and told me they always lose to Barnet, which is very clever of them, because Barnet are normally the losers, so I was quite impressed.

You know, I read through this page of postings and I felt embarrassed by my writing style. I am not trying to be a writer, just writing things down every so often to explain them to myself. I don't keep a diary, and this was supposed to be just to write about forthcoming gigs, until I got carried away and now I can't stop.
The cats love it, because they can sit on me for ten minutes every morning and sometimes I even stroke them.
I can't stop.
Is that not a sign of addiction?


Blogger Brother Tobias said...

Unnecessary angst, Helen. The writing's fine and style intrinsic. (You don't want to turn into Northern Town Nick). Happy Christmas.

12:02 PM  
Blogger pebblesfromheaven said...

I love your writing styleee... don't ever change! x

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Paul G said...

This is the only blog I ever read and I don't think there's anything embarrassing about it.

Happy Xmas/Birthday/New Year
(& thanks for sending the cd ep so quickly).

9:28 PM  

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