Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Chefs went to the 12 Bar

Strange sitting round a table with Carl and Bruv after all these years, which is something I never thought we'd do. Nick Greenwood came too, Russ's brother. You have such jumbled conversations with people you haven't seen for a long time, but nice all the same. I felt very nervous about performing to former bandmates especially sice I'd just posted Carl a CD of a live gig we did, where I possibly shine as the worst vocalist in the universe, too awful even to laugh about. I went red with shame at various points when I was listening to it. And Smeg turned up, the worse for wear, and heckled me about the old Gibson I used to have, a beautiful blonde 175 that I had to sell when things got tight. The Green Goddess got a little jealous but I reassured her that everythng was alright and gave Smeg back some backchat. I do like the 12 Bar, it's one of the best London venues but last night felt difficult at times. People still cam up and said they liked it though: I just felt that I played a blue set instead of a pink one as I had intended. It was all redeemed when Martin got up to play though because he's so funny. Carl's partner, Michelle, was laughing so much she kept whacking me on the leg and setting off that reflex thing that doctors thump you knee for- so periodically I was kicking the chair in front of me with quite a report! Even the man sitting next to me apparently snoozing through it all had little curls at the corners of his mouth by the end. At one point I was folded double with my head resting on the seat in front and had to fish about in my bag for a tissue to mop my eyes!
Oh dear. And there I was watching and hoping to steal his licks and be a better guitarist, but no chance with eyes full of tears of laughter.

I was glad to hear the Resonating Sunday gig made £300 for Resonance fm. Good.


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