Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm sitting in a hotel room when I should be singing at the Gosforth Hotel.
Martin organised a reunion of Newcastle punk bands and they are all there and I was going to sing a Chefs song but...
I have only just got here: it took more than 9 hours to drive here today and my head is still somewhere near Sheffield, eating a panini, although my body must be here, because I'm typing this.
At one point, it took me three hours to drive six miles.
They have closed part of the A1.
Only problem is, they don't tell you that until it's too late to get off it and on to the M1.
I now know Rutland like the back of my hand!
I only almost cried when I drove into the back of a massive pickup truck and a human pig got out with a face like thunder.
His boorish truck was unmarked, thankfully. I  drove like the fairy on the top of the Christmas tree after that.
Only 9 hours? Somehow I managed to listen to four days worth of songs on my iPod!

Come to our gig at the Cluny 2 tomorrow night!


Anonymous frayedattheeedge said...

I once had to drive twice round the South Mimms roundabout, while Malcolm frantically looked at the map, as the A1 was closed ..... after crawling along in a huge jam on the M25, then seeing a sign which said 'roadworks 3 miles ahead'

6:36 PM  
Blogger Dr Madvibe said...

Hi Helen, I'm an old Chefs/Skat fan (I even slept on the floor one night in someone's flat in West Hampstead it I think it was) after a Moonlight gig.

Anyway, I felt the urge to play and rip to iTunes some Chefs this evening (got all the vinyl except I'll Go Too) and then to look up The Chefs on t'interweb.

I was also caught in that traffic jam as I now live near Grantham. I was late for work by an hour and a half - and I know the shortcuts! But at least we're alive and kicking: the jam was caused by some idiot stealing a van, driving the wrong way down the A1 and killing an unfortunate person.

I was saddened to hear of Russ's demise, but if you should be asked and decide to reform for this Brighton bash later this year, I'd love to go.

David Evans

12:12 AM  

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