Monday, December 10, 2007


I was thrilled to have received some orders for the Christmas EP- please note that there is some swearing on one of the tracks so don't buy it for babies or the impressionable!
On another note, all is doom and gloom in the charity shops in Barnet.
Oxfam, take a look at who you are employing. One of your volunteers is a foul racist who ought to be ashamed of herself and definitely should not be working for any sort of charity with views like hers. She was only outdone by the views of a male customer conversing with her- between them they dissed Poles, Somalis, you name it. I almost dropped my Christmas cards and rushed out of the shop in disgust but I always buy them in there as it's the best charity at Christmas, and I shut my ears and exchanged glances with another customer there who could also not believe her ears.
On to the North London Hospice, where one of the volunteers was telling another (very patient) volunteer as he riffled through the racks of clothing that he hoped he died soon because the world was in such a terrible state it will all be over in 40 years!
That might be an interesting Christmas audio project- a tour round the Charity Shops recording snippets of moaning to hang on the virtual Christmas tree.
I thought I'd been a bit of a miseryguts recently till I heard that lot!
Tirade over, I'm looking forward to Jamie coming round tomorrow to brush up my singing so I can finish the album. I've been racking my brains about a photo but I might ask Jacob, Jamie's boyfriend who did the photo on the Myspace page, to do a studio one, and try to look glamorous, perhaps folding a few wrinkles round the back of my head and securing them with sellotape like Joan Crawford did.
I've also really enjoyed writing a lecture I'm doing at the University of the West tomorrow, on women and pop; I've downloaded a lovely picture of the Daisy Rock guitar to lighten up some wonderfully perceptive feminist theory, and now I'm going to find some ace tracks, from Poly Styrene to baby Spice and beyond, to play alongside the serious stuff.
Before that, however, I have some blueberries to scoff to counteract the effects of the two walnut whips I demolished a while ago.
O the joy of being a greedy piggie!


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