Thursday, December 07, 2006


When I lived in Camberwell, rats used to be regular visitors, entering the house via the toilet and sometimes sitting in the airlock on the U-bend, with their tails visible in the pan.
At the moment, there is a rat in the bedroom, here in middle clas suburban Barnet. I can't find it anywhere; I went to B&Q yesterday and bought a humane trap which I've baited with fudge (they say Galaxy chocolate is best so I'll try that if the fudge doesn't work). It's been there for two days; every so often I can hear it rustling. the cats and the dog are not interested; so long as food is in their bowls and they have a radiator to snore next to, they're not bothered. I chased it round the kitchen two days ago trying to catch it in a bowl, but it's a bit unnerving. A rat bit me on the finger once when I was rescuing it from a cat, and I had to go to get a tetanus jab. The bite bloody hurt, and I've got a few gigs coming up and guitarists don't need gnawed fingers.
I'm going out this morning, it's horrible being indoors fighting a battle of wills with a tiny and unhygienic rodent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to drop a proper note for some time, as in 'you may remember me, I saw the Chefs many times at the Moonlight Club' and perhaps I will get around to it soon.....

However, Rats. Little blighters. They have an annoying habit of gnawing through power cables. Chances are he's got a run under the floorboards and a convenient hole behind a kitchen unit. Catching and releasing isn't that good an idea as he'll only come back. Poison not a good idea as he'll croak under the floorboards and then stink the place out. The big versions of the traditional mousetrap work, but my latest visitor managed to remove a lump of Snicker without setting it off, despite the fact it would go off with the slightest knock. He also managed the same trick with some spag bol.

Best bet is to make it unfriendly for him. Stomp around in heavy boots until he ups and leaves. But importantly, find out how he got in and block it up. Quite often it's through an airbrick where a plumber has made a hole to put a central heating drain. As it gets colder rats move into warmer drier places, and if they breed, you'll have real problems. Only good thing is that if you have rats, you won't have mice.

Needless to say, I have a lot of rat stories.

Never thought I'd be talking rats to my favourite popstar of 25 years ago!


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