Friday, September 01, 2006

A Brutal Bet

Sorry, but it's another mini-rant (rantlet?) about plastic surgery. They have started asking women they are 'interviewing' in glossy mags (you see, I have been to the doctor's recently!) whether they would ever consider 'going under the knife'. This comes across as some sort of challenge- 'I will if she will', almost as though it has the kudos of climbing Everest or something. Disgusting capitalism!!! Just think how many starving and ill people there are in the world that all those thousands of pounds or dollars could help, instead of going into the pockets of suave frauds who trade on women's insecurity by slicing up their lovely faces and dragging the skin hither and thither and sewing it up again!

On a happier note (can I do it after being so furious?) I overheard a fantastic idea yesterday- mapkins! I think the girl with the red hair meant it lightheartedly, but wouldn't it be good if cafes had napkins with maps of the local area printed on them so tourists could peruse them over a coffee and see where they could walk to next?


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