Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Johnny Thunders & the Hearbreakers- and Joby and the Hooligans

This is a photo of Joby and the Hooligans taken in the infamous Vault in Brighton. We were among the 56 bands who rehearsed there, and Joby kept a human skull which he intended to drum on in an old filing cabinet in one of the arches. But we couldn't work out how to mic it up. I'm on the left with wire in my plaits and clothing I found on the landing of our squat, then Steve who played guitar (but not sax, that was just wishful thinking), Ricky the drummer who wore drag a lot, and Joby in his stage gear. We all loved Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and when they came to play at Sussex University we took along our stuff and begged their manager to let us play on the bottom of the bill (REALLY begged). But he said no, and we were utterly miserable and went off to drown our sorrows. Because we were so disappointed, we drowned our sorrows even more than normal and were completely drunk by the time he changed his mind and said we could play after all. So we got up there- mega-lights, mega-p.a., mega-audience, and started... all at different times, Joby completely out of tune, I couldn't even see the fretboard of my bass, guiarist seemed miles away in a world of his own playing a song we hadn't even written yet, look of complete panic on the drummer's face....they pulled the plugs on us. At the time, we never intended to live up to our title of the Worst Band in Brighton, but I think we deserved it (probably).


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